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Ratings and Reviews are essential for any business. People value what others are saying about your business more than what you are saying about your business and we know that people are more likely to go online and leave a review if they are unhappy. That’s not representative of how people feel about your company! OL Social Reviews can help you generate more positive feedback online!

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Aggregate Reviews

Do you ever wish you could bring all of your reviews onto your website? With OL Social Reviews, now you can! Connect to any of the sites below to bring in all of your existing reviews and display them on your website.

Moderate Reviews

We understand not every review is going to be stellar. With OL Social Reviews, you can moderate your reviews and control which ones pull over to your website. In addition, users are initially asked to give a 5 star rating or a thumbs up/down, any negative feedback can be prompted to be left privately instead of linking them to a public site.

Request Reviews

With OL Social Reviews, you can easily send requests for reviews either in bulk or individually. You have the options to upload your client emails and phone numbers via a .csv file or you can provide your employees with a link, similar to the one pictured, and they can input their contacts individually.




per location per month

  • Unlimited Reviews
  • List, Slider, Grid, Popup Widget Templates
  • Customize Look and Feel
  • Filter Reviews by Rating



per location per month

  • Everything in Display plan plus:
  • Collect Reviews On Your Website
  • Collect Feedback From Unsatisfied Customers



per location per month

  • Everything in Collect plan plus:
  • Send Review Requests via SMS
  • Send Review Requests via Email

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