What A Year It’s Been

Today marks the one-year Anniversary of OL Social being in business. What a year it has been! While this year has been challenging in so many ways I’m beyond thankful to say that OL Social has had a very successful year. I know this pandemic has rocked so many businesses, especially small ones, so to be able to not only have survived the year but grow a company is something I am extremely grateful for.

I am thankful for being able to work with people whom I’ve had long-standing relationships with, new clients who took a chance on a small business and referrals from people that have helped this business grow. All of these things have helped propel OL Social forward as a company.

As 2021 approaches, I can’t help but be excited for all the things happening for this company and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys a safe, healthy, happy and (OL) Social distant holiday season!

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