How To Generate Seller Leads

In 2019, Facebook was forced to update their targeting capabilities for certain special categories, real estate being one of them. This took away our ability to hone in and target people most likely to sell or buy a home in the area we were looking. Geographic targeting is now limited to a 15 mile radius around our target area. Age targeting was disabled and now all ads are targeted to people 18 years and older, even if you are trying to market a 55+ Community. Looking to target by household income? Gone. Education level? Gone. Occupation? Gone. Employer? Gone.

While we can’t get it all back, The Genie gives us the ability to hone in and generate seller leads with more precision. If you’ve ever tried running Facebook ads you may find that the quality has gotten worse since Facebook implemented these changes. Now you don’t need to waste your marketing budgeting casting such a wide net on social media.

We can analyze specific neighborhoods and zip codes in your area and pull lists to target based on different criteria to target people who would be more likely to sell their home. You can spend less money on Facebook ads and stop wasting dollars serving your ads to irrelevant people. Now that we’ve zeroed in on an area that means the message of the ad can also be targeted to the user. Show them stats so they can see exactly what the homes are selling for in their neighborhood.

Do you still send direct mail? The Genie also generates direct mail postcards specific to your neighborhood list. No more wasting money sending postcards to people who just moved into their home. The lists can also be filtered so you don’t send ads to people who have lived in their home less than a certain number of years.

The best part? OL Social will implement it all for you. We will analyze the areas and make recommendations on who to target as well as set up and implement your marketing. You can spend your time focused on selling homes. Interest? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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