Open For Business

I’m excited to finally be able to make this dream a reality. Social media has made its mark on the marketing industry and I am thankful to be a part of it. After over 13 years working for a large company, I decided to take a leap and start my own business. I always knew I could do it but the support from my family, friends and coworkers has been amazing.

I’m excited to get started and be able to use my knowledge and experience to help smaller companies in the Tampa Bay area with their social media efforts. Merging my love for social media and my love for this community together.

I built my reputation as Michelle Orf. After recently getting married and changing my name to Michelle Lau, it seemed only natural to incorporate both names into my company. That, combined with my love for social media, is how OL Social was created.

The transition from the Corporate world to working from home is sure to be an interesting one but one that I am excited for. And with that, OL Social is officially open for business!

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